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What are You Waiting For? It’s Time to Sail Your Boat

Posted by Dr. Becker Monday, February 27, 2012 0 comments


sailboats “To reach a port, we must sail—Sail, not tie at anchor—Sail, not drift.”
Franklin Roosevelt


A sailboat is propelled by the wind rather than by gasoline and a motor.  On days when the winds are weak, sailors sometimes become frustrated by the slow speed and lack of progress toward their destination.  The process of sailing requires education, practice, and skill.  While learning these sailing skills, beginning sailors often find that their boats do not go in the right direction and may not seem to move much at all.  Once the sailing skills are learned, experienced sailors can make progress even in low wind conditions.


Life is much like a sailboat ride.  Many people become frustrated when attempting to reach goals because they have not yet learned the skills needed to “sail” through each challenge.  Many people are “tying” their own anchors without realizing it.  Others are simply waiting for a strong wind to push them along while they continue to drift through life. 


Think about the goals you are trying to achieve.  What are you doing to tie your own anchor?  What can you do to propel your sailboat while you wait for the wind to pick up?  If you are feeling stuck in an important area of your life, consider talking with a psychologist or professional counselor.  Whether you are struggling with work, relationships, family, or school difficulties, you do not have to attempt to sail through these difficulties all on your own.


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Is it okay to clone your pet?

Posted by Dr. Becker Thursday, February 9, 2012 0 comments


The new TLC Special, “I Cloned My Pet” tells the stories of people who choose to clone their pets.  One participant on the show, Danielle, chose to pay $50,000 to clone her beloved dog named Trouble.


The ability to clone a pet is relatively new.  In the past, people simply expected to have their pets for a limited amount of time, knowing that their pets would eventually die.  As science has advanced, people now have the opportunity to attempt to hold on to their pets through cloning.  But is this healthy?  Aside from the huge financial cost of cloning pets, there may be emotional costs as well. 


Greif is a normal part of life.  Often children first learn about death through the death of a family pet.  Learning to cope with these losses can help prepare them to deal with future losses, including deaths of family and friends.  It is important for parents to be able to talk to their children about death.  Parents who choose to clone their pets may be sending confusing messages to their children, which is likely to interfere with the normal grieving process.


People who clone their pets are probably not allowing themselves to go through the normal grieving process.  Instead of grieving the death of their pet, they are attempting to hold on to their pet and replace it with a new one.  Cloned pets are not exactly the same as the original pet.  They may have different personalities, behavioral tendencies, and even physical characteristics.


Many people love their pets.  Some people love their pets so much that they cannot imagine life without their beloved pet.  They may go to extreme measures to clone the pet, including going into debt to pay for the cloning.  They may also experience sadness, disappointment, and even depression when the new pet is not similar enough to the old pet.  


Pets are great companions, and their presence offers many emotional benefits for people.  Cloning a pet who has died may interfere with the normal grieving process, as well as create high stress due to financial strain and unfulfilled expectations.  People who benefit from the love of pets are not limited to only loving their deceased pet or a clone.  There are many shelter pets who need to be adopted and have the potential to greatly enhance the lives of their owners.


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