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Inspiration: Making time for what’s important

Posted by Dr. Becker Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.
~Benjamin Franklin

Does it feel like you never have enough time?  Do you feel like the time you do have is being spent on unsatisfying tasks?  Many people are overscheduled and overstressed.  As a result, there is little energy for meaningful, satisfying activities at the end of a hard day or a difficult week.  Often people say they just don’t have time for these things.  Think about your own life.  Are there activities that have brought you joy and meaning in the past?  How can you make time for these activities in your life now?


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  1. Hi Dr Becker,

    I would like to share with you and your readers one of an old article that I wrote on "my simple of approach to life balance and time management"

    In First Aid, what do you do when you are confronted with someone who has a blocked airway, breathing difficulties, bleeding, and a very painful broken leg following a car accident. If you are anxious and a bit of a "perfectionist", you will probably want to address all of these issues all at once. If you have this mindset, you will be overwhelmed and feel like you do not have enough time.

    How many of us say to ourselves, "There is not enough time in the day"? Hypothetically, if I am able to give you another 24hours in the day, will you, overtime, have the same feeling?.....????maybe.

    So in order to be calm and effective at dealing with this problem, we need to have a system of priorities and that is, to sort out AirwayBreathingCirculation and then, the broken leg. There is no point having a straight beautiful leg and not survive.

    So what I would like you to consider, is to apply this same principle to your everyday life.

    A.......look after yourself, your family and your relationship with them
    B.......then sort out your work issues
    C.......then everything else

    At the end of the day, if there is a pile of everything else, then as long as A+B are reasonably okay, then you can relax to some extent.

    Remember, "having no time" is a mindset, and hence, can be changed.

    Food for thought......

    Dr Vin
    MBBS FRACGP Qld Australia

  2. Dr. Becker Says:
  3. It's true. Monitoring daily activities is one way people can become aware of time that is being wasted or spent on things that are not important. There are also ways to arrange a schedule so that time is being used more efficiently, therefore leaving more room for other activities.


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